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Paintings of L'Avenc


On a recent visit to the Collsacabra in Spain, I was fascinated by its extraordinary landscape and I returned the following year to draw and explore the area further. I was particularly intrigued by the power of the vertiginous drops, which contrast with the lush peacefulness of the cliff top meadows. The rising morning mists and unexpected views of the landscape from above gave me new ideas of translating the energy of the landscape into shape and colour. Later I exhibited the paintings in Tavertet, near Barcelona.



Mist II_edited-1.jpg
7 View from L'Avenc III 80x60cm acrylic.
cingles 3.jpg
1) view from l'avenc 80x60cm acrylic.jpg
9 View fron above L'Avenc I 80x60cm acry
Mist IV.jpg
cingles new 2.jpg
Mist III a.jpg
6 lavenc 5 80x60cm acrylic.jpg
cingles 1.jpg
lavenc 1 a.jpg
lavenc 3.jpg
lavenc 4.jpg
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