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The Colour of Music
Residency and Exhibitions

While Artist in Residence at St George's Arts in Esher, I used my time exploring the relationship between art and music by inviting local instrumentalists to come and rehearse while I did studies of them. After doing nearly 200 drawings of the musicians, I created an installation of life-sized ink drawings on the gallery walls, as well as a series of paintings which related music to colour.
At the closing event, the baritone Christopher Goldsack sang Poulenc's 'The Work of the Artist', a series of songs based on Paul Eluard's poems about seven C20th artists.

Colour of Music Flyer.jpg
wix p 1.jpg
Niall's Scotland Trip summer11 003.jpg
5. Trio study 1.jpg
4. Cello and violin study 1.jpg
wix p2.jpg
2nd PV relief.jpg
Final exh.St.George's 103.jpg
Final exh.St.George's 007.jpg
2nd PV musicians.jpg
st G.jpg
evaluation 5 copy.jpg
evaluation1 lo res copy.jpg
Violin 2.jpg
4) Rebecca Price 'Violin 1'.jpg
Violin 5.jpg
Violin 4.jpg
11 French Horn 30x40cm oil - Copy.jpg
3) Rebecca Price 'Bassoon'.jpg
Cellist 3.jpg
cellist 2.jpg
The Family.jpg
Rebecca Price 'Double Bass'.jpg
Two Instruments.jpg
2) Rebecca Price 'Violinist'.jpg
Rebecca Price 'Cello'.jpg
13 Trumpet.jpg
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